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About Our Website

With our group, we plan to show our audience several ways to improve their sleeping habits. On our website, we will explain why sleep is necessary for our mind and body. Through our infographic, readers can use the tips and tricks to help them get enough rest.
Our group chose this topic because, during the summer, most people start to stay up late at night. The majority of the people will have unhealthy sleep patterns, and we are here to help those people.
Implementing better sleep habits is beneficial for everyone because sleep affects many aspects of our lives, such as behavior and the amount of energy we have throughout the day. 

High School Friends
Who Are We

Shop 55 is a partnership between Oakland High School

and local community agencies that provide medical health,

mental health, youth development, and academic support

to Oakland High Scholars. In this internship, students learn how to use different online platforms for marketing. 

Therapy Sessions

Helpful Methods!


Create a Relaxed Environment

Taking a warm bath, limiting light exposure, using sleep encouraging scents (lavender, chamomile), or listening to calm music before bed allows yourself to wind down and feel at ease.


Turning Off All Electronics

Having too many distractions can lower your chances of falling fast asleep. Notifications can be tempting to open up right away, so silencing your phone can help lower those distractions.


Avoiding Heavy Meals Before Bed

Often times, when eating too much food: whether it's acidic, spicy, or fatty– can cause discomfort such as bloating or stomach troubles before bed. Try to eat earlier in the evening!


Try Reading Before Bed

Reading for about 6 minutes during night is proven to be much more effective than listening to music, and helps combat insomnia!

Why is sleep so important?

Through sleeping, the body is able to recharge on many spectrums like physical and mental relaxation. Allowing your body to rest increases mood, alertness, productivity, and overall health.
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